Amazon S3 Storage Commands

L. Larrabee Strow

Notes on using the Amazon AWS Command Line

These notes show examples on file transfers to/from our Amazon S3 websiste storage. We will use it to upload files to the website we don’t want to put into a github repo, mostly to save room.

aws is the general command. You can download this software from AWS.


aws s3 sync images_large/ s3:// --acl public-read

This command syncs the directory images_large/ to our s3 web site, and makes sure they can be read by the public (required). You can add --delete to the end of this command to get rid of files now on s3 that are not local to images_large.


aws s3 cp examples.m s3:// --acl public-read

If you just want to copy one file, use this command (cp) rather than sync. Not sure if you can glob file patterns.

Other commands

Other commands include: rm, ls. Other qualifiers for sync include: –exclude