AIRS Single Footprint Retrievals

Sergio Machado




Working on OEM Single Footprint Retrievals using AIRS L1B data.

  • Currently using L2(T)L2 regularization

  • Also added in cost function penalty for supersaturation

  • Tested in AIRS g039 for 2011/03/11 (DCC over the TWP)

  • Currently working on Feb 08, 2014 Atmospheric River off CA/OR/WA

  • See Chris Barnet presentation

  • have downloaded AIRS granules 220,221,222

  • Tweaking retrieval params

Plot from Chris (pg 9 of his slides)

Figure 1: Cut and paste from Chris presentation.

Plots from Sergio

same as above, but for UMBC

alt text


alt text

T and WV at 800 mb

alt text