C. L. Hepplewhite

Atmospheric Physics and Research Scientist


Dr. Hepplewhite obtained his doctorate at the University of Oxford department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics, where he worked on atmospheric physics, satellite-borne infra-red remote sensing, including filter radiometry, gas correlation, pressure modulator, and interferometery. Before this, he obtained his honors degree in Meteorology and Physics at the University of Reading, UK. His research included direct and remote measurement of sea surface temperature, comparing multi-spectral and dual-angle retrieval methods. In addition, research and applications of middle atmospheric chemistry and dynamics and photo-chemistry with a digression into processes in the atmosphere of Saturn’s moon Titan. He has detailed experience in ground and in-flight calibration and sensor characterization.

He joined the Atmospheric Spectroscopy Lab. (ASL) group at JCET/UMBC in 2013 to work on hyperspectral sensor intercomparison and common spectral radiance records for climate analysis. The sensor record begins with the NASA AIRS radiance record from September 2002 and is joined by the European MetOp IASI from July 2007 and the NOAA Suomi-NPP CrIS from 2012. The method involves characterising the uncertainties of each sensor and quantifying the bias stability such that climate change signals in the radiance record can be determined. Particular applications of these data of interest are regional and global climate variations and attribution to the natural internal climate mechanisms.