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1 Root Location


2 Overview

Some IASI:CrIS SNO data were available from JPL, the remainder are created at ASL.

3 Group Locations:

  • /asl/s1/chepplew/data/sno/iasi_cris/JPL/
  • /asl/s1/chepplew/data/sno/iasi_cris/{LR,HR}/ There are two options in the ASL/ directory: Data from CrIS high-resolution mode or CrIS low-resolution mode:

    File names will be of the form: sno_iasi_cris_asl_20130116.mat

4 ASL data:

MAT files are supplied with the following fields:

short name contents description
---------–—: :------------- :---------------
strYr: '2013' The date processed.
strMn: '09' The date processed.
strDy: '12' The date processed.
cris_res: 'LOW' CrIS spectral resolution
maxDtim: 0.0069 Maximum temporal separation of Obs (in units of day)
maxDphi: 0.0719 Maximum anglular separation of Obs (degrees of great circle)
var various gelolocation data. Geolocation data
ri: [N x 8461 single] IASI SNO radiances
rc: [N x 1317 single] CrIS SNO radiances
fc: [1317x1 double] CrIS channel (centre) frequencies.
i2rc: [N x 1317 single] IASI converted to CrIS radiances.
fi2c [1 x 1317 single] CrIS grid used for i2rc radiances.

5 Production:

  1. step 1: Obtain SNO pairs and geolocation. /home/chepplew/projects/sno/makeSNO/make_IASI_CRIS_sno_frmL1.m and batch processor: =/home/chepplew/projects/sno/makeSNO/batch_IASI_CRIS_SNO_frmL1.m
  2. step 2: Convert IASI to CrIS ILS. /home/chepplew/gitLib/asl_sno/proc_iasi_to_cris_sno_mat.m Accepts a single input number for the year of SNOs to process.
    Appends new fields to existing SNO MAT file: i2rc, fi2c.

6 Availability

Code: /home/chepplew/projects/sno/iasi_cris/iasi_cris_sno_availability.m

IASI:CrIS SNO data are avilable in daily MAT files, with variable numbers of SNO pairs per day. A summary of availability for the ASL IASI:CrIS (low-resolution) SNO data is shown in figure.


7 Analysis:

Basic stats and biases: Code to load (includes code block for basic plotting): /home/chepplew/gitLib/asl_sno/source/load_sno_iasi_cris_asl_mat.m

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