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1 Purpose and Scope

To investigate the sensitivity of the AIRS radiances to changes in the AIRS SPectral Response Functions (SRF). To answer the question whether in the long wave region (AIRS detector modules 11 and 12) the knowledge of the SRFs is in error and whether they can be improved using independent measurements and intercomparison with CrIS and or IASI.

It has been observed in the AIRS:CrIS SNO mean bias, that there is a repeatable and significant variation in the region from about 645 to 750 cm-1, that is for detectors of modules 11 and 12. This variation is attributed to the AIRS observed radiances. But to-date this variation has not been accounted for nor has it been determined whether it can be corrected.

The scope of this technical note is to record the methods and results.

2 Methods

Working directory: /home/chepplew/projects/airs/srf_study/
Main routine therein: airs_srf_analysis.m
Sources: (from strow) /home/chepplew/gitLib/srf_model/ and /home/chepplew/gitLib/l1c_freq_adjust/
Intermedite data files: /home/chepplew/projects/airs/srf_study/outd/
Figures: /home/chepplew/projects/airs/srf_study/figs/

3 Data

4 Results

5 Conclusions and Further Work

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