1 Root Location


2 Overview

Some AIRS:IASI SNO data ere available from JPL, the remainder are created at ASL.

3 Group Locations:

  • /asl/s1/chepplew/data/sno/airs_iasi/JPL/
  • /asl/s1/chepplew/data/sno/airs_iasi/ASL/

    File names will be of the form: sno_airs_iasi_20130116_frmL1c.mat

4 Matlab Code

4.1 SNO creation:

  • /home/chepplew/projects/sno/makeSNO/make_IASI_AIRS_SNO_frmL1.mat
  • /home/chepplew/projects/sno/makeSNO/batch_IASI_AIRS_SNO_frmL1.m

4.2 Display and Analysis:

  • /home/chepplew/gitLib/asl_sno/load_sno_airs_iasi_asl_mat.m

5 ASL data:

MAT files are supplied with the following fields:

short name contents description
----------- --------------- -----------------------
strDate: '2015/01/01 ' the date processed
type: 'L1C' AIRS granule data
iaLst: [480x1 struct] IASI granule file list
arLst: [240x1 struct] AIRS granule file list
sno: [1x1 struct] Gelocation Data
upos: [69x2 double] indexes in the file
iObs: [8461x69 double] IASI observation rads
aObs: [2645x69 single] AIRS observation rads
i2ra: [2645x69 single] IASI to AIRS rads
fi2a: [2645x1 single] channel frequencies

6 Sample plots

6.1 SNO availablility

Current availability plot:

ASL AIRS:IASI SNO availability

6.2 Sample annual geographical distribtion


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