Stats Files

L. Larrabee Strow

ASL rtp files are often time and space gridded for further analysis. All of our work on AIRS trends uses what we call stats files. The are located at /asl/data/stats/(instrument). (We may remove the directory layer "data" in this location in the future). We may also temporarily put stats files in the lustre data storage, so similar files may be found at /asl/data_lustre/stats/(instrument).

Generally these (Matlab .mat) file names follow the convention:

'rtp','_',data_source,'_',profile source,'_rad_''_kl_',year','_',type1,'_',orbit,'_',type2,'.mat'

An example file is:


which unfortunately contains '_newRTP_' to designate a re-processing of data after a mistake and the string '_kl_' to designate that the profiles in this file are in layers, not point format. We hope to soon remove these last two strings in the future. The source of this file is airicrad which is AIRS L1C data, era means ERA Interim was used for the profiles, this file covers the year 2010, 'type1' = random, meaning the airicrad rtp files were a random subset of the full record, 'orbit' = asc to denote these data are for the ascending node only, and 'type2' = ocean, so no land data was included. Other files might contain land instead of ocean, or there may be no land/ocean indicator, which means "land + ocean".

What is not denoted is the fact that these files are zonally averaged using 40 equal area latitude zones and are also daily averaged. We may use directories to separate new stats files with different space/time gridding.

Here is a Matlab listing of the file contents (ignoring some entries that are in error or will be removed soon):

Variable Name Size Meaning
cfrac12_mean 365x40 Cloud fraction 1
cfrac2_mean 365x40 Cloud fraction 2
cfrac_mean 365x40 Mean cloud fraction
cngwat2_mean 365x40 Ice amount
cngwat_mean 365x40 Water amount
cprbot2_mean 365x40 Cloud 2 bottom pressure
cprbot_mean 365x40 Cloud 1 bottom pressure
cprtop2_mean 365x40 Cloud 2 top pressure
cprtop_mean 365x40 Cloud 1 top pressure
cpsize2_mean 365x40 Cloud 2 particle size
cpsize_mean 365x40 Cloud 1 particle size
ctype2_mean 365x40 Sergio?
ctype_mean 365x40 Sergio?
gas1_mean 365x40x101 Water amount
gas3_mean 365x40x101 Ozone amount
iudef4_mean 365x40 See below
lat_mean 365x40 Latitude mean
latbinedges 1x41 Latitude bin edges
lon_mean 365x40 Longitude mean
mmwater_mean 365x40 Column water
nlevs_mean 365x40 Number of profile layers
plevs_mean 365x40x101 Profile pressures
ptemp_mean 365x40x101 Temperature profiles
rcldy 365x40x2645 Computed cloudy radiance
rcldybias_std 365x40x2645 Computed cloudy radiance std.
rclr 365x40x2645 Computed clear radiance
rclrbias_std 365x40x2645 Computed clear radiance std.
robs 365x40x2645 Observed radiances
rtime_mean 365x40 Time
satzen_mean 365x40 Satellite zenith angle
solzen_mean 365x40 Solar angle
spres_mean 365x40 Mean surface pressure
stemp_mean 365x40 Mean surface temperature
tcc_mean 365x40 Sergio?
trace 1x1 Internal checks

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