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AIRS Presentations

AIRS Science Team Meeting Presentations by UMBC

February 1999 STM Handout (pdf)
July 1999 STM Handout (pdf)
October 1999 STM Handout (pdf)
February 2000 STM Handout (pdf)
June 2000 STM Handout (pdf)
October 2000 STM Handout (pdf)
February 2001 STM Handout (pdf)
February 2001 STM Team Exercise Review (pdf)
June 2001 STM Handout (pdf)
November 2001 STM Handouts
AIRS-RTA Status, Evaluation and Interaction with Community Model (pdf)
Early Evaluation of the AIRS Forward Model/Radiances (pdf)
CLAMS: A Prototype for Early AIRS Evaluation (pdf)
February 2002 STM Handout (pdf)
July 2002 Firstlight Analysis (pdf)

Other AIRS Presentations by UMBC

February 2000 Calibration Meeting Handout (pdf)
December 2000 Data Assimilation Workshop Handout (pdf)
May 2001 Data Assimilation Workshop Handout (pdf)